Wind Damage

Storm Damage Repair from Natural Disasters

Property storm damage caused by windstorms, tornado, ice or thunderstorms can be mild or so severe that your home or business is completely lost.

Storm damage from natural disasters affects more than one building; entire communities are affected. When your business is down, you are losing money, so it’s critical to get storm damage repairs done quickly for you to be operational again.

Homes that are affected by ice storm and tornado damage need extra care to either evacuate home occupants until repairs are made, or ensure utilities, heat, etc. can operate without causing further hazardous conditions.

Fast Storm Damage Response

Fast initial steps taken to reduce further damage can help minimize the storm damage effects of the natural disaster. Covering and putting tarp on your roof, boarding up windows, and bracing structural deficiencies are critical first steps to protecting your property after a natural disaster.

We have responded to many catastrophic events in Southeastern Michigan. Natural disasters like a tornado, ice storms, hail damage, and severe thunderstorms can wreck havoc on a building, or an entire community. You don’t have to face the property repairs of storm damage by yourself.

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Southeast Michigan Emergency Storm Damage Specialists

The team of experts at Trimark Construction is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide emergency services to protect your property from any type of storm damage.