Prepare for an Emergency

Don’t be Caught Off Guard, Prepare for an Emergency

Hopefully, you will never have to experience an emergency situation and need help with fire or water damage restoration. But, let’s face it, there are times when we do need to rebuild and hire the help of a trusted general contractor.

Tips to Help You Prepare in Advance

Are you prepared for an emergency disaster? If you are like most households, the answer is probably a resounding no.

Water, water, everywhere – It is very important to keep a supply of clean water in your home in case of emergency. You never know when a natural disaster or other influences could cut off your water supply. Water, of course, is essential to life and without it, serious illness and even death can occur.

Keep gallons of water stored in your home and replace it periodically to keep it fresh.

Canned and dried foods – Keep a good supply of canned food in your pantry or emergency storage bin. Make certain to check the dates and replace your stock as time goes by. Items such as soups and evaporated milk are good to keep on hand, as are dry foods such as noodles and rice.

Batteries, flashlights, and candles – Remember to check and regularly replace the batteries in your flashlights. Also, look into purchasing some lighting options that do not require batteries, such as lanterns and hand-powered LED lights. Keep a good supply of candles as well as matches and lighters around.

Barbeque time – While you may not think you need to stock barbeque supplies in the winter, a charcoal grill can be quite useful if you have no other way to cook. Just remember not to use it indoors.

Pack a bag – Make certain that you have a fresh, up-to-date bag of supplies in your car at all times. Blankets are important, as well as food, water, and basic tools.

Don’t forget to test your generator periodically and keep a supply of fuel for it. Increase your chances of survival by using these top tips to prepare for an emergency.