About Us

Trimark Construction: Your Fire and Water Damage Restoration Experts

It’s devastating to go through a disaster, and when that disaster affects your loved ones and your prized belongings, it is also a personal tragedy.

Trimark Construction has been in business 25 years, serving people in Lenawee, Hillsdale, and Monroe Michigan communities during their time of need.

“We try to help the customer cope with their loss. It can be tough when you lose everything, especially pets. We are a local company, and well-known in the community for our care and compassion during a customer’s tough challenge.”

Property Damage Claim Insurance Assistance

Trimark Construction specializes in insurance restoration work and helps coordinate claims processing with your insurance representative. You have enough to worry about after a property loss, so we help with all the details necessary to get your home back to the condition it was before the disaster occurred.

The Repair Process

There are key elements to a successful disaster recovery plan for your property. Trimark Construction makes every effort to keep you informed and process the claim with your insurance company as quickly as possible.

  • Communication – Our team will keep you informed of our progress and the work we are accomplishing.
  • Cost Estimates – We prepare a detailed estimate of the work necessary to bring your property back to its original condition. We assist you by providing a copy of the estimate to your insurance provider or adjuster.
  • Preparation – Our team will protect your property contents remaining in the building; however, you may want to keep sentimental or necessary items if you need to be away for an extended period of time.
  • Timing – Our team will outline an estimated schedule for completing the repairs needed on your property. We make every effort to move the project along as quickly as possible.
  • Payments – We work directly with most major property insurance companies, and in most cases, they will take care of paying us directly for the service we provide for you.
  • Follow Up – The Trimark Customer Service Team will contact you at the time of completion to ensure your satisfaction with their work. We have a long history of satisfied clients who we have served in our local communities over the past 25 years.