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Does Your Family Have a Fire Emergency Plan?

Fire Emergency PlanNobody wants to think about the ravages of fire and the damage that it can cause. Not only is the fire itself destructive, but efforts to extinguish the flames can result in severe water damage. Establishing a good emergency plan is important to your family’s safety.

What Does a Fire Emergency Plan Look Like?

Although having a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm is a good starting point, there are other elements to consider as well. Establishing a set of guidelines to follow in case of emergency can help ensure that your family makes it out of potentially hazardous situations safely,

Have a family meeting – Start by having a family meeting to discuss variations of a fire escape plan. It is important to address different scenarios that might occur, and to have multiple escape routes in place. What may seem like an unnecessary redundancy could in fact save your lives if a fire starts in an unexpected location.

Have a designated meeting spot – Make sure that your family has a designated meeting spot nearby, such as a neighbor’s house. Each family member should wait at that location until the others arrive. Whoever reaches the spot first would be responsible for contacting emergency departments.

Never go back into the home – Instruct each one of your family members never to go back into the home to retrieve anything. Possessions can be replaced, but family members cannot.

Visit your local fire house – It would be a good idea to visit to your local fire house and take a tour if available. Speak with the firemen and ask them for tips and advice about your fire emergency plan.

Don’t forget, you always want to have a plan in place for the safety and well-being of your family. You can trust professional contractors to rebuild and restore in cases of fire and water damage, but the lives of your family depend on a quality fire emergency plan.